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Sandwich of the Month: November

History has proven that some of the coolest people in life come in pairs. Sonny & Cher. Ben & Jerry. Snooki & Jwoww. Brutus and, what was that guy’s name?  Oh yeah, Caesar.

Wait. What the hell does this have to do with anything?!

That little anecdote up there leads us to our next greatest discovery at Zingerman’s Delicatessen: Luis’ Rey Del Pollo. Thank you, Sir Julius, for inspiring someone out there to create this magical dressing.

Photo courtesy of Zingerman's website

Photo courtesy of Zingerman’s website

Grilled chicken breast, caesar dressing, grana cheese,
chopped lettuce on grilled foccacia bread.

Luis’  Rey Del Pollo is Zingermans’ November Sandwich of the Month and you only have a few more days to indulge! This sandwich was inspired by an old standby that’s no longer on the menu (#86 Kathy saves the day), however, I guarantee after one bite Zing fans will be begging for a permanent comeback.

Enough with the history lesson. Let’s get to the good stuff.

Zingerman’s focaccia is one of five aspects that makes this sandwich so special. It’s a unique choice because it is not featured on any other sandwich, yet it works perfectly here. The bread is surprisingly thick, but with a fluffy consistency, the top brushed with herbs and a buttery finish.

Second, the cheese. Grana, where have you been all our lives? This shredded cheese was some of the best I have ever tasted. It had the flavor of parmesan with an intense bite. The cheese melted, literally melted, into the focaccia alongside the third best aspect of the sandwich…

The caesar dressing. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on chicken ceasar wraps as they were, once a week, a welcome surprise in my middle school lunch bag. While the caesar here brought me back to the nostalgia of cafeteria days, it made me realize that caesar dressing can taste that much better.

Fourth, the chicken. Thankfully the sandwiches of the month don’t officially count under the TdZ bucket list and ranking system, otherwise we might see some intense competition with Thad’s “Yes I Can!” No other meat would have done Luis’ justice. Perfectly sliced and served warm, the chicken soaked up all of caesar’s glory.

And finally, who can ignore the lettuce, the fifth and still very important aspect of Luis’ Rey Del Pollo. Never would I expect to say  “thank God for lettuce” on Tour de Zing. I mean, c’mon, lettuce? Such a minor performer in this greek play. But the lettuce here is no understudy. It provides a much need crunch and balances the intensity of the caesar flavor. Without it, this performance could have turned into a major Greek tragedy.

Well, sandwich lovers, less than two weeks to get your caesar on. Ready, set…

Clear eyes, full stomachs, can’t lose,

The TdZ Team




Thy Ten Commandments of Zingerman’s

As students at the University of Michigan, we’ve heard our fair share of pre-graduation bucket lists. Try every shot at Charleys, spin the cube, eat late night hippie hash at Fleetwood Diner, break into the Big House, the list goes on.

Our bucket list involves one establishment and one establishment only: Zingerman’s Deli.

While every student at Michigan is legally required to go to Zingerman’s at least once in their four years in Ann Arbor, not many can say they have tried every sandwich on the menu.

And that’s where we come in.

We are embarking on the ultimate foodie quest. As a group, we will be trying all sandwiches on the Zingerman’s Deli menu before graduation next May. Can we do it? You bet your pastrami.

Before we set out on our journey, we will lay the groundwork for what we believe will be the most epic, rewarding, and delicious bucket list to ever hit Ann Arbor. Let’s do this.


1. As avid Zingerman’s fans, it’s safe to say we have been to the deli numerous times. That being said, once we found our favorite sandwich, it was hard to break out of that rut. Some of us have actually only had one sandwich (gasp!).

For rule number one: thou shalt not order a sandwich that has been ordered 2+ times prior.

2. We often ponder why Zingerman’s would go so far as to duplicate a sandwich and choose not to grill said sandwich. For example, #18. The Georgia Reuben and #20. Tom’s New Job. More on that later, as the Georgia Reuben is a fan favorite and deserves its own post.

Therefore, thou shalt not order a sandwich that is the same as another sandwich but isn’t grilled. Duh.

3. To us, Zingerman’s is all about the sandwich experience. It is for this reason that we choose to remove the salad options as well as side dishes from this bucket list. Maybe if we go to grad school.

Thou shalt not eat salads on the Tour de Zing. Go to Revive or something.

4. Melissa will go above and beyond to try all trendy fountain drinks that Zingerman’s has to offer. This will most likely prove to be challenging, as she is a passionate Diet Coke fan.

Thou shalt give underdog soda companies a chance.

5. We have thought long and hard about the hot dog portion of the menu and have come to the conclusion that hot dogs will be in the running! Because a Zingerman’s hot dog has got to be tastier than a Hebrew National weiner…

Thou shalt enjoy America’s pasttime and indulge in all 4 of Zingerman’s hot dogs.

6. Vegetarians: we love ya, but we simply don’t have time to try all 9 of the vegetarian options. Our roommate, Lauren, will bravely attempt to try one (ONE!) other sandwich on the menu.

Thou shalt eat your veggies.

7. We recognize our faults. Yes, I admit to requesting yellow mustard over Russian on my reuben. A sin! Preposterous! How could one possibly alter the Godly flavor combinations Ari and Paul set before us?!

Thou shalt not alter the ingredients on the sandwich. Unless it is mayo.

8. Back to the grilled scenario. We simply cannot get past the fact that certain Zingerman’s sandwiches are served cold. Thus,

Thou shalt order all non-grilled sandwiches grilled.

9. Unfortunately, Zingerman’s only serves breakfast until 11 AM. Because we are “very hard working, passionate, and dedicated Seniors in college and work until the wee hours of the morning,” we simply don’t have time to try each of the breakfast sandwiches.

Thou shalt enjoy brunching at Nick’s, Fleetwood, Angelo’s, Northside, and Broken Egg around 1 PM.

10. Let’s make this the most unforgettable and delicious year yet.

Thou shalt solemnly swear to try our best and complete the tasks set before us. Thou shalt also make some time to do school work.

Clear eyes, full stomachs, can’t lose,

The TdZ Team