All Roads Lead to the Deli

First off, we are floored by the outpouring of support, jealousy and outright praise we have received from our fans! We are sorry you didn’t think of it first.

Another week gone by, another seven sandwiches crossed off our list. You must be asking yourself: “Are we graduating early or something?! At this rate you’ll be done by December!!” Yes, we are moving at a pretty remarkable pace. But that just gives us more room to explore the cheeses, magic brownies, and plethora of oils & spreads!

*Editor’s note: On Sunday night, do not expect there to be challah. At such high demand, this bread was off the shelves by the time we arrived. Unrelated, there was also a paella party occurring. And if you want to avoid the Disney World-esque lines of Saturday lunching, we recommend heading over on Sunday nights. They practically forced samples down our throat but, hey, we’re not complaining.

Trip 2: Sunday 09/15/2013

Mel: 00 D-$’s Cuban Conundrum – Cuban-style pulled pork, Arkansas peppered ham, Switzerland Swiss cheese, old-fashioned dill pickles, mayo & hot mustard on a grilled paesano roll. As you might recall, Mel is in it for the pickles. But this sandwich was more than just the pickles. Words will never do justice to that first bite. Sauce was everywhere – the combination of mayo, mustard & BBQ sauce was inspiring. People, this is one hell of a spicy & feisty sandwich. Thank god the paesano roll was so neutral. It definitely tamed this sandwich down a notch. Plus, it acted like a baseball glove to the home-run worthy baseball pitch that is the combination of meat, cheese and saucy heaven.

Tour de Zing Rating: 9/10. Would we order again? Yes.

Tour de Zing Rating: 9/10. Would we order again? Yes.

 Jen: 48 Binny’s Brooklyn Reuben – Zingerman’s pastrami (instead of the classic corned beef), real Switzerland Swiss cheese, Brinery sauerkraut & Russian dressing on grilled pumpernickel bread. Word on the street is that this is the best sandwich on the menu. While we cannot yet confirm this rumor as TdZ is still very much underway, this sandwich is definitely tops. Most of us were previous corned beef fans but were pleasantly surprised by how delicious the pastrami was. It really did add a different dimension to the reuben and we loved the peppery taste. Even Jen, who used to substitute coleslaw for kraut, says she wouldn’t have this sandwich any other way. And thank you, pumpernickel bread, for showing us that there’s more to reubens than meets the rye. (punny!!!)

Tour de Zing Rating: 10/10. Would we order again? Self-explanatory

Tour de Zing Rating: 10/10. Would we order again? Self-explanatory

Jessie: 88 Peter’s Peppered Pick – All-natural turkey, lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing, Arkansas peppered bacon on grilled farm bread. We know you’re out there, BLT lovers. We found your sandwich. This was a nice take on your classic turkey sandwich. Simply put, bacon and ranch are a perfect combination and Zingerman’s knows it. The farm bread was a nice base and didn’t overwhelm the other flavors, especially the unbelievable turkey. And ever the lactose, Jessie decided to add Vermont cheddar into the mix. We can’t say we’re disappointed.

photo (12)

Tour de Zing Rating: 8/10. Would we order again? Yes

Karly: 15 Bill’s 2 Over Prime – Hot Brisket, turkey, Vermont cheddar, lettuce, tomato and yellow mustard on challah. Similar to Jessie’s sandwich, we thought this was a classic that could be ordered over and over again. Something about the beef and the turkey seemed like a Zingerman’s take on comfort food. While they were unfortunately out of challah for the night, bakehouse white bread gladly took its place. Karly also ordered it grilled as to not violate thy ten commandments. If you’re a mustard fan, you will like this sandwich.


Tour de Zing Rating: 7/10. Would we order again? Yes

Tour de Zing Rating: 7/10. Would we order again? Yes

Ashley: 46 Stan’s Canadian Hotfoot – Montréal smoked meat served warm, Switzerland Swiss cheese, hot mustard & New Mexico green chiles on Jewish rye bread. As a friend of our’s dad is the namesake of this sandwich, we were thrilled to see if it lived up to the hype. Adam Richman (of Man vs. Food fame) would consider this sandwich a scorcher. Beware of those green chiles. Ashley’s face said it all: this sandwich is HOT. And while we were all hesitant to try the Montreal smoked meat, we agreed it tasted something like a blend of corned beef and roast beef. Feeling adventurous? Stan’s got you covered.

photo (2)

photo (3)

Tour de Zing Rating: 7/10. Would we order it again? Yes

Emma: 96 Reina’s on a Roll – Housemade meatballs made with beef & pork, pomodoro sauce & melted provolone on a Bakehouse hoagie. Man, those meatballs. Perfect tenderness and blend of pork and beef that had us wanting more. And that sauce! Simple yet complemented the cheese so well. This leads us to our biggest predicament yet: the Bakehouse hoagie. The bread was, like all Zingerman’s baked goods, delicious. However, it was meek in comparison to the allmighty meatballs. The sauce soaked right through it. We would have called in a hot dog bun to the rescue, or even (shall we say it) a paesano roll.


Tour de Zing Rating: 6/10. Would we order this again? If you’re not feeling a deli sandwich, yes.

Lauren: 94 Amazing Grace’s Family Shroom – Grilled portobello mushrooms, carrot top spread, fresh cucumber on grilled sourdough bread. The standout is the carrot top spread, hands down. This sandwich tastes like Fall: Thanksgiving, squash, leaves, you know. The cucumber adds a much needed bite.

photo (10)

photo (8)

Lauren’s Tour de Zing Rating: 9/10. Would she order again? Yes.

Amanda: 73 Tarbs Tenacious Tenure – All-natural turkey breast, fresh avocado spread, Wisconsin muenster cheese, tomato & plenty of Zingerman’s Russian dressing on grilled farm bread. Had to be included in the post as an honorary repeat offender.

photo (6)

Lizzy: 123 TNT Cowboy Reuben – Hand-pulled, BBQ-sauced beef brisket topped with coleslaw and provolone cheese, served on a grilled paesano roll. Yee-haw! Look out for a post dedicated to this famous sandwich coming soon!

photo (11)

photo (7)

Thoughts on the next visit: We think we’re moving at a pretty solid pace. Soon we should be able to venture into salads, gefilte fish & even blintzes. Are you a sour cream or blueberry compote kind of blintzer? Stay tuned as #tourdezing continues…

Clear eyes, full stomachs, can’t lose,

The TdZ Team


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  1. This was amazing! Hysterical! I’m so excited to visit you guys in October and try some of your sandwiches.

  2. Once you’ve tried all the deli sandwiches, you can get to work on the breakfasts!

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